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Final Four: A Conversation With Brendan Lynch


Greetings to all my Force of Will players, it truly is March Madness! We have two GP’s coming up and to by us time and get a sense of the meta, Brew House provided the their first Lackey invitational, in which 48 players partook in. After an intensive day, four players emerged from the smoky field of battle. Today, I reached out and spoke with one of the Final Four, Brendan Lynch. He was kind enough to give me a moment of his time.

Jay: Tell me a little bit about yourself and where you are from.

Brendan: Well, I’m from the suburbs of Philly and I am currently a full time student who likes to play about any fun and interesting card game. Started on Magic back in 2011 and I’ve been playing it since. Picked up Force [of Will] about a year ago and thought it was just like magic [The Gathering] and Hearthstone combined, which really piqued my interest.

Jay: Do you enjoy playing Force over the previous games you played?

Brenden: I think it has unique aspects that allow me to create and play decks in a different way from most other games I’ve played. Inherently, it has similar traits to MTG, Hearthstone, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, but plays at an entirely different pace that I prefer more on a competitive level. EDH will always have a special place in my heart though if I need my Magic fix.

Jay: Any favorite ruler or playstyles you’ve enjoyed in FOW?

Brendan:  I love the combo aspect that this game adopted ever since I started. I began with the release of Reflect/Refrain {TTW, Alice Cluster} upon the and rather than taking the World route, I decided I would play a jankier Yamata Reanimator deck I saw on YouTube and I made it happen.

Combo has been one of my more favored strategies since. R/R necrolance, Lumia Turbo Hook, even Grusb Combo as you saw; gimme anything with which I can win quickly, and I’ll play the heck out of it.

Jay:  In that case, how do you feel about Pricia, True Beastmaster? Do you believe players run her  in the right manner?

Brenden: I think there are many strong possibilities for Pricia. Most of which involve regalia and a Guinivere engine. I’ve seen Burn, Aggressive Resonator, and even Hydromonica combo. Overall, I think the Pumpkin Witch Combo strategy involving  adombrali and draig is the most effective and explosive.

Jay: [Pricia World] is the one I’ve enjoyed playing with the most and tweaking to fit my preferences. How did you find out about the synergy in your Green Ranger [Avater of the Wind Magic Stones] deck?

Brenden: Upon the release of Vingolf 3: Ruler All-Stars, I noticed an interaction with Avatar and Silph, Envoy of Wind. Giving Sliph the ability to rest for will was first part of the plan—the second involved finding a way to make more stones enter each turn to recover him. At first, I thought of Magic Stone Analysis, and soon realized that was thinking too small. I wanted a deck that would make waaaaay more stones enter. So I added Grusbalesta, magic Stone Researcher to the mix to make even more stones enter, and thus the combo was born.

Jay: One of the best slept on combos I’ve seen on Lackey. Did you feel confident playing agaisnt the field with Green Ranger?

Brenden: I’m not gonna lie, I was holding my tail between my legs hoping to not play Pricia OTK [Pricia, True Beastmaster] (which of course, I was paired against in Round 1). For the most part, I really felt the deck was just far too easy to answer for a vigilant player going into the tourney, and after the first round, I was almost sure of it. Soon enough, though, I waded through a bunch of decks and started to see that some decks could just get punished by my combo if over extended. Sunndenly, I was in the Top 4 and didn’t know how it happened. Though I didn’t live the dream, I did do what I intended to do: play a spicy homebrew in a big tournament and have fun while doing it.

Jay: That’s any players dream: showing the big guys that  sometimes a person who has perfected their deck can steal the show.

Branden: Aw yeah, they gotta respect the rouge decks.

Jay: I gotta remember to put Green Ranger in the gallery of my Rouge 1 decks. Players just need to study what are legal cards in New Frontiers.

Brenden: I’ll take that as a compliement, thank you. And yes, I agree. When you experiment with a variety of cards and strageites, you learn so much about the format. Grinding for the nearest tournament just involves weeding out some of the more loose and medium strageties for competive ones, but not loosing sight of them wholly.

Jay: Are you considering going to a GP this season?

Branden: Being a fall/spring student, I don’t often have the time or resources to travel for tourneys, but I currently have my sights set on GP Columbus, GP Toronto, and GP New Jersey (whenever that is) and try to get a World’s invite.  

Jay: We’re all ready for the date of GP Jersey. Overall, what was your experience like with the Lackey tourney? Do you think more online tournaments should be held for the students and busy adults who cant travel?

Brenden: I fin the Inaugural Tourney was a great success. I saw some really fun builds and some really competitive builds as well (similar to what you might normally see at your locals). I personally enjoyed the initiative to make a tournament like this and provide access to a sort-of ‘online locals” for the community, and I hope to see more in the future. The convenience and the sportsmanshipi experienced while playing really stood out to me.

Jay: That’s great to hear my friend. And that about does it for me. Anything else you want to share?

Brenden: Thanks a bunch for the opportunity of the tournament to showcase my “baby”. I always enjoy tuning in to watch Brewhouse stream [on Twitch] when I can so keep up the good work. Also, feel free to check out my team’s content as well over at Twisted Gaming.

Jay: Will Do. Take care bro!

Brenden: Thanks man, you too.                       




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