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Hello fellow Force of Will players! One of the amazing resources that Team Brew House provides is a way to play your favorite card game online! This article will serve as your guide to begin playing online with your friends and also competing in our monthly tournament!

The program that we use is called Lackey CCG. We here at Team Brew House have created a plug in for Force of Will! This will be receiving constant updates from us so that we have the most current Force of Will Cards on there for you to use!

Download Steps:

Now that you know what program we are using, let us begin the process of downloading it and getting everything set up so you can play online! Follow these steps below and in no time you should be good to go!

Step 1: Download Lackey CCG

Go to http://www.lackeyccg.com/ and download the version that works best for your device you will be using.

Step 2: Unzip into a folder

Once your download is complete, please unzip it and put the LackeyCCG folder where ever you want to put it on your computer where you would like to save Lackey. The easiest course of action is to put them in a Folder on your desktop. Name this folder "Lackey CCG", "Online Force of Will", or something that works for you.

Step 3: Open Lackey Application

Open the folder on your computer once step 2 is complete. Double click the Lackey CCG folder and double click the application. You are now on lackey! The application should load here and you should be able to move to the fourth step

Step 4: Download Brewhouse Plugin Into Lackey

Downloading the plugin onto your Lackey application is the next step that you will need to do. This plugin is provided to the public by Team Brew House.

Go to the plugin tab of Lackey. Copy and paste the entire below link into the update section. Once you have pasted the link, press " Install or Update from URL! " and let the update complete. Once you have done so, please "download all missing card images". Downloading the images can take a moment because there are alot of cards to download.

Current Plugin: https://fow.heihachi.pw/brewhouse/updatelist.txt 

Step 5: Checking Updates Are Complete

Once you have completed the above steps, close the entire application and reopen it from the same place you did in step 3. Once again go to the plugin tab. Click "Recent URLS" so that the update loads into the white box. After the link is there, press " Install or Update from URL! " and make sure it is fully updated. Once you have done so, press "Download all missing card images" one more time just to check that it didnt miss any (sometimes it does) and then you should be good to go! 

Lackey Tabs

At the top of the LackeyCCG window is the Main Menu. The following is a list of what the Main Menu allows you to do. Hopefully, most of these should be self-explanatory. If not, here is a list of everything in the main menu. 

There are also tabs that you can select to view other aspects of LackeyCCG beyond the game window.

The Game Tab will show you how many people are connected to you, as well as a swirling network activity indicator, and an [x] button that will let your disconnect from your current game (if you are connected to one). If there is game chat in the log while you are looking at a different window, you will also see the counter of unseen log messages over the Game Tab.

The Deck Editor Tab is used for constructing and loading decks. The information on how to build a deck will be below.

The Server Tab is used for connecting to a server and, once connected, talking to other players and hosting and joining games.

The Preferences Tab, itself with several subsections, is used for configuring your preferences.

How to Build Your Deck on Lackey:

Step one:  to begin building a deck on lackey, click the "Deck Editor Tab" and you should see the main editor. The editor will show your ruler, deck, stone deck, side deck, and tokens. You will need to drag and drop each card from the quick search section to the different tabs of your deck editor. 

Step two: Check your format and make sure the format is set to what you want. Next to the quick search box there is a format option and you want it so be selected on "Any". Once you have done so, you should have access to every card on lackey. If you would like to limit the card pool, you can select a different format and the card pool will show that specific format. 

Step three: Building your deck. To search a card go to the quick search box and start typing the full name of the card. The system does not search for cards if you abbreviate. Keep this in mind while building and its helpful to have the database open if you cant remember the full card name.

Step 4: Once you have found the card that you want to add to your deck, simply left click the card and drag it into the tab of the deck editor you would like. To add more then 1 copy of a card, simply drag and drop the card from the search box to the deck tab you want as many times as you need. You can also use the +1 +3 + 10 buttons to quickly add copies of a card to the deck. 

Step 5: After you have finished completing your deck, it is time to save it so you dont have to build it again. Simple name the deck and hit the "Save deck" button.

Step 6: Once you have connected to your game you wish to play in, go to the deck edittor, select the deck you want to play and click "Load entire Deck to you". This should load the deck to the game server and your ruler should appear in your hand. 

How to Play Online: 

To start playing online you will need to connect to the server. To connect to the Official Lackey Game Matching Server, go to the Server tab and click the Connect to the game matching server button. You should then be connected to the server. Now from here you have a couple options, those being to spectate, host a game, or join another game that is open. The process for each is below. 

How to Host a game:

Click the Host a Game... button. This will bring up the Host menu.

To host a game, simply click the "Host a game!" button.

How to Spectate a game:

Just click on the game you wish to spectate and click the "Spectate Game" button.

Spectating a game allows you to join and watch a game in progress. The only thing you can do as a spectator is watch and chat.

How to Join a game:

Just click on the game you wish to join and click the "Join Selected Game" button.

  • To join or spectate a game, you need to have the same plugin currently loaded.The games in the game list are color coded.
  • A grey game is a game with a different plugin, so you cannot join it.
  • A blue game is a game that is the same plugin as yours, but there are no open seats, but you can join it to specate.
  • A black game is a game that is the same plugin as yours, but there are no open seats and you can't join it to specate.
  • A green game is a game that is the same plugin as yours, and there is an open seat. You should join green games.
  • A red game is a game that is the same plugin as yours, and there are open seats, but the host is using a different version of the plugin. This usually means one of you needs to update your plugin. You should not join red games because different versions of the same plugin don't work well together.




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